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Joni Ayn Alexander, founder, Cate Quickly

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"Boma kept me focused in the early days of starting my business, helping me to move from thinking to doing"

Boma Camp is a learning and community platform that teaches you the essentials so you can start building a business you love.

We've learned that the best support doesn't come from books - it comes from people who've been there and done it.

Boma Camp is designed to bring you expertise from people who are on the same journey, where you can hear their tips and use them to put your business on the fast-track to success

What Is Boma?

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"Bouncing ideas off like-minded entrepreneurs was a great boost for my business. Boma has helped me to further develop my brand and create an actionable marketing plan"

Victoria Cao

Journalist and copywriter

Ryan Bater

Freelance photographer

Talia Loderick

"Working solo on your business can be lonely which is why finding a business community to interact with, learn from and be a part of is so important. Boma offers just that"

"Boma is the little push you need to get your business idea started. Getting the opportunity to speak with other people who are in the same boat was really encouraging"

Founder, Stray Pixel 

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